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The Forwardly Five: March

#1. This gathering.

It was our first time attending the Conference Board’s annual Employee Healthcare Conference in San Diego last week – so many great ideas exchanged! Plus, a sleep cave, the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch, and puppies. Three topics that consistently dominated the conversation: AI, GLP-1s, and (yes!) social wellbeing.


#2. This discussion.

Forwardly was privileged to be featured in the opening general session “Experience by Design” in which Southern Company’s Katie Kirkland spoke about the success of the Forwardly platform and its impact on employee relationships. Katie emphasized the growing demand among workers for solutions that bolster social connections, spanning both professional and personal relationships. She expressed the importance of meeting employees where they are and the value of collaborating with partners who can deliver truly customized programs tailored to their unique needs.


#3. This prediction.

“This is the year of possibilities and opportunities for organizations to double down on social wellbeing and come up with innovative solutions to support their employees."

- WTW's Wendy Poirier and Regina Ihrke about the growing importance of social wellbeing in the workplace and in employees’ personal lives.


#4. This Quote.

“The health of a company relies on the health of its employees. The health of employees relies on the health of their family systems.”

- Jenna Glover, VP of Care Services, Headspace at the Conference Board session "Nurturing Mental Health Champions: Empowering Managers Through Advocacy"


#5. This new way to connect.

Forwardly recently launched the 10-Day Healthy Relationship Boost with great results. The boost encourages employees to invest a few minutes daily in nurturing intentional connection with their partner or spouse. Through daily SMS text prompts and accompanying audio messages, participants engage in positive, simple, and actionable activities, like giving an extra-long hug or taking a chore off a partner’s plate. Over 1,000 surveyed employees overwhelmingly praised the boost, with 71% reporting a closer bond with their partners in just 10 days!


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