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Take a good relationship to great

Spend a few minutes a day to be more thoughtful, loving, and appreciative of your partner with this fun SMS challenge!


In the hustle of everyday life, it’s easy to ignore our most important relationships, especially if they’re not in trouble. The 10-Day Boost was created for couples who want to experience greater happiness and connection with their partner. 

10-DayBoost_Flat iPad.png

It’s like taking a vitamin for your marriage!

Whether you're just entering into marriage or celebrating decades together, these expert tips will strengthen any relationship.

  • Fun activities, tips and advice will be delivered right to your mobile phone

  • You’ll receive a text message describing that day’s boost

  • Each boost takes just two minutes a day​

How it works

  • Sign up by clicking “Enroll now”

  • After sign-up, you’ll receive a welcome text message

  • The first challenge will be sent the next day

  • Each day for 10 days, you’ll receive a text with a one-minute audio message to your phone explaining your relationship challenge for the day

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