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Going through marriage struggle or divorce?
Get the #1 resource to help you move forward.

Forwardly is your all-in-one guide to relationship health and divorce. Our digital platform offers information, inspiration, and the tools you need to take action.

What we do

Every relationship goes through its ups and downs.

Whether you’re looking to take a good marriage to great…

If you’re entering separation… 

Or going through divorce…

Forwardly will help you navigate it all — and get you to a healthier, happier place. 

Membership includes:

  • High quality, on-demand content

  • Articles 

  • Videos

  • Advice from finance, wellness, family therapy, workplace, and legal experts

  • A self-care plan

  • Downloadable checklists 

  • Budget templates

  • Legal referral service

  • 24/7 chat

  • Scripts for difficult conversations

  • Real-life success stories

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Forwardly is for you if you’re looking to:

  • Save time and money

  • Improve communication with your partner or ex 

  • Live with more ease 

  • Repair a strained relationship  

  • Spend as little energy as possible thinking about divorce so you can get on with your day 

  • Or - simply take a good marriage to great!


Trusted by thousands of individuals. 

We’ve helped thousands of people looking to improve their relationship or make their separation or divorce easier. It’s easy, supportive and will give you the best tools possible right from the start. 

Healthy Marriage

Whether you’re just entering into marriage or celebrating decades together, these expert tips will strengthen any relationship. The Digital Toolkit covers communication best practices, life with kids, healthy conflict, keeping the flame alive, and more.


Marriage Repair

When a relationship needs to get back on track, this is the place to start with resources on overcoming communication challenges, info on marriage counseling and retreats, and expert advice for tough topics like infidelity, domestic violence, and substance abuse.


This covers the steps before divorce, with a deep dive into how things are affected legally, financially, and emotionally.


Divorce & Post-Divorce

A practical, step by step guide to the divorce process. From finding a lawyer and sharing the news, to organizing paperwork and developing a budget. Includes a legal referral service, divorce scripts for difficult conversations, hands-on tools, and great advice for rebuilding a post-divorce life.

Watch this video to learn more about Forwardly.

Divorce Scripts

Included in the Forwardly platform is this tool to help you handle difficult divorce conversations with more ease. You’ll get the actual words you can use, in a cut and paste format, for over 40 situations including with an ex-spouse, employer, family members, kid’s teachers, on social media, and more. 


It’s easy to get started

Once you enroll through your employer-provided benefit, you’ll get a welcome email from Forwardly giving you a link to access the platform. Just set up a unique username and password, and you’re done! Then, enjoy 24/7 access to all of the Forwardly content whenever you need it!

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What Forwardly Users Are Saying

I suffer from extreme anxiety. A lot from my marriage and home life, and I also carry it to work with me. It has been wonderful that this is a benefit that our company is now offering us. What a great way to show your team “I'm on your side.”

I am recently engaged and noticed that after going through wedding planning we began to argue more. Having this program to work through our issues has been a life saver for our relationship. We have used the guides to have better communication, we are having meaningful conversations, and overall our relationship has improved.

Forwardly helped save my marriage!

This is very helpful as I’ve recently gone through a tough separation, but we are now back together and it gives me tools to provide a healthier marriage and home life for me, my wife and my children. It shows an employers’ concern for the personal lives of their employees which is very important because it reflects on their work life and performance.

You have been a godsend to me. Way to go for helping people turn something so difficult into caring and strength!

The hybrid approach to work-life is isolating employees more. The conversations that we used to have at the lunch tables are no longer happening. This puts the onus on the employee to do more to get the advice and help they need.

Expert Guidance You Can Trust

PILAR PRINZ is a certified relationship coach and top family lawyer for over 20 years. Her legal career has propelled her into the national media scene as a guest legal expert on CNN, Fox News and other national programs. In 2022 she was voted one of The Best Lawyers in America in the field of Family Law.

Pilar is joined by a stable of contributing experts for Forwardly in the fields of medicine, financial planning, family psychology, couples therapy, human resources, communications, diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as real people who have gone through marriage repair and divorce and have valuable lessons to share from their experiences.

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