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The Forwardly Five: February

#1. This question.

"How is everyone doing?"

Elmo sparked an online frenzy after posting this question to people on the social platform X. He received thousands of troubling replies, with Americans sharing their feelings of isolation, uncertainty, and stress – further bringing the mental health crisis to light.


#2. This relationship.

The Super Bowl was always big, but Taylor Swift's relationship with Travis Kelce made it bigger. A recent study reports 24% of Gen-Zers and 20% of Millennials are more interested in football this year because of Taylor and Travis. And 16% of U.S. consumers said Swift had influenced them to spend money on football.


#3. This Stat.

Should Valentine’s Day be renamed Divorce Day? There is a 40% increase in divorce inquiries leading up to and following Valentine’s Day, according to


#4. This Quote.

"We talk about the importance of “relationships”, “community”, “friendship”, “social connection”, but these words are too abstract. The real act of, say, building a friendship or creating a community involves performing a series of small, concrete social actions well: disagreeing without poisoning the relationship; revealing vulnerability at the appropriate pace; being a good listener; knowing how to end a conversation gracefully; knowing how to ask for and offer forgiveness; knowing how to let someone down without breaking their heart; knowing how to sit with someone who is suffering; knowing how to host a gathering where everyone feels embraced; knowing how to see things from another’s point of view.”


#5. This Video.

Hot off the presses, get a quick glimpse into Forwardly’s Healthy Relationship Tool for employees - because health at work starts with health at home.


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